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Edusave Character Award




1.    In 2012, MOE announced the new Edusave Character Award (ECHA) to be given out, to recognise students who demonstrate exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions.

2.    This award supports JPS’s continuing efforts in nurturing students of good values and character, who are active contributors and concerned citizens.


3.    The objectives of the ECHA are:

(a) To send a clear and strong signal both character education and the academic achievement are equally important.

(b) To recognise outstanding students in JPS who are exemplary in character, and who can be role models to inspire others.

4.    The quantum of the award is as follow:


Award Quantum

Primary 1 – Primary 3


Primary 4 – Primary 6



5.    In JPS, the students are selected based on the following criteria:

(a) Must be Singaporean.

(b) Must, on consistent basis, demonstrate good character and values. In particular, demonstrating qualities of:

·         School values that school wishes to recognise or encourage; and/or

·         A high level of civic responsibility. Students are concerned about issues in the community or issues faced by others, initiating action to address these issues to improve the lives of others; and/or

·         Qualities associated with resilience. Students who have persevered, despite facing difficult circumstances and manage to overcome the odds. 
6.    Open to all JPS students who are Singaporeans:

·         Students will be nominated by all staff, peers, parents and partners.

·         Nominees will be shortlisted by a panel made up of school leaders, teachers and stakeholders (Eg SAC member).

·         Shortlisted awardees will be invited for a short dialogue session with the panel.

7.    The awardee list will be submitted to MOE in early November. All awardees will be notified by post at the end of the year.

8.    The award will be given out at the community level, together with the other Edusave awards.