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    • Share / Others first
    • Friendships
    • Healthy habits
    • Care
    • Love Singapore
Norms to P1 - P2 Students:
•Dress in neat and tidy school attire.
•Wash hands before and after meals
•Help your friends in need.
•Never say unpleasant things about your friends.  
•Look after the classroom and canteen.
•Play safely.
Norms to P3 - P6 Students:
•Looking after self (e.g. personal hygiene, personal belongings, play safely) 
•Helping and sharing with one another ( look out for each other, friends in need, serve others )
•Looking after school property and environment

Norms to Teachers:
• Taking care of ourselves by ensuring work-life harmony
• Looking out for students and colleagues
• Ensuring that pupils have learned what has been taught.
• Serving the community