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Principal's Message

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Jurong Primary School has an inheritance of a special name that is identified with one of the oldest enclaves in South-West of Singapore, and which, according to some historical records, preceded the arrival of our founder Stamford Raffles in 1819. 

Bounded by the multiple streets of Jurong and Boon Lay Way, the school is today a popular, established and accomplished educational institution, built upon the strong foundations of more than fifty years of the original Jurong Primary and another fifty years of Boon Lay Primary.  

Cumulatively, adding the 12 years since merger in 2006, Jurong Primary has been nurturing boys and girls in this region into gracious citizens and passionate learners for more than a hundred and twenty years. Many multi-generation families have passed through our gates and been educated here.   Many thousands of alumni today are active contributors in our society today.   

I am deeply honoured to be appointed the Principal of this esteemed school. I would like to put on record my deep appreciation to Mrs Manokara for her six years of dedicated and able leadership in bringing the school forward to where it is today. I am also grateful for the contributions of past Principals, each of whom brought the school forward a big step over the decades.


Jurong Primary continues to make her mark as a school of choice because of the team of dedicated staff and strong partnerships, with both the parents of the students and the community.  I look forward to close collaborations with staff, parents and community partners as I take leadership of the school.  My first priority is to get to know the school and her community thoroughly and intimately. For a start, I will have many conversations with all stakeholders in the months ahead.

I am confident that Jurong Primary will continue to be a bright beacon in this South-West district and will continue to groom boys and girls into all-rounded gracious citizens and passionate learners who will go on to impact our community and our country.

Mr Robin Ong