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Academic Year 2012

Brownies West Division Day 2012

On 28 July 2012 (Saturday), 16 of our brownies were at Greenridge Secondary School to take part in the annual Brownies West Division Day.
This event gave brownies from the West Zone Schools a chance to learn how they can play an active role in contributing towards saving the environment.
They used recycled materials to create useful items for everyday usage. The girls also learnt the importance of teamwork in achieving their goals.
Our brownies did us proud by winning the Magazine Craft  ( 2nd Runner Up ) and the Recycled Tote Bag ( 2nd Runner Up). Congratulations!

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Gardeners’ Cup 2012

This year, Jurong Primary School, in collaboration with our partners (ACS (I), Ivory Heights Condominium, Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee, Jurong Central Zone D RC and Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd) took part in the Gardeners’ Cup 2012 which is organised by the NParks.  Our garden was themed “Living Squares”
The Gardeners’ Cup is a friendly competition among Community In Bloom (CIB) gardening groups to collaborate and set up gardens during the Singapore Garden Festival 2012 which is held from 7 Jul 2012 to 15 Jul 2012 at the Suntec Convention Centre.
Our garden was awarded the Innovative Display Award!


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National Cub Scout Challenge

Our Cub Scouts participated in the National Cub Scout Challenge on Saturday, 8th of July at the Raffles Institution and achieved a BRONZE award!
This is our first National Award after the Frank Cooper Sands Award!
Well done JPS-sians!
Check out our Gallery for more photos!

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Mother Tongue Language Camp 2012

The Mother Tongue Language (MTL) teachers at JPS are always looking for different ways to engage our students and arouse their interest in the learning of the MTL. On 30th May 2012, the MTL Department organized its annual P3 Mother Tongue Language Day Camp.  About 180 pupils participated in this camp.  We were thrilled by the enthusiasm displayed by our students and the active learning that took place amidst the fun.
Check out the fun and action taken in our Gallery!

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Cultural Immersion trip to Malacca 2012

Our P4 students went on a 3 days 2 nights Cultural Immersion trip to Malacca from the 24 June to 26 June this year. A total of 149 students and 23 staff went together on this trip.
The main objectives of the trip were to promote cultural learning, provide opportunities for students to interact with students from another country and to broaden the learning experiences of students.
Our students and staff visited the popular Malacca heritage and cultural sites and also had the opportunity to visit a century old Malaccan school. They also visited the Baba and Nonya Museum to gather more information about the unique Peranakan culture. We are very sure our students came away from this trip with richer experiences.
Do look out for the many other photos taken during the trip. It will be uploaded in the gallery-photos section!

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JPS retains Community in Bloom Platinum Award

The Community In Bloom (CIB) programme is a partnership-based initiative spearheaded by the National Parks Board (NParks) to promote and recognise gardening efforts by community gardening groups to create gardens within our community.  This year, we saw 257 entries from different housing estates, educational institutions and organisations


We are happy to announce that our school retained the Platinum Award this year.  We would like to extend our appreciation for the hard work put in by our students, staff, partners and volunteers. Let’s work together towards creating a beautiful and conducive environment for working and learning environment for all at Jurong Primary School




Green club pupils trimming and maintaining the hanging bottle plants.

Harvesting and bonding session with our CIB partners and senior citizens of Jurong Zone D RC.

We reuse plastic bottles collected by our pupils for

our vertical garden to  reduce room temperature.


Check out more photos in the Gallery!


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West Zone Chinese Language and Science Competitions 2012

Congratulations to the Chinese Language and Science Departments for their recent achievements in the following competitions:


Science – F1-in-Schools West Zone Competition

Fastest Car Category

3rd Place



Science - Singapore Amazing Flying Machines Competition

Furthest Range category – 12th Place

JPS Glider travelled 21.6m (The Top Glider travelled 30.1m)


Cluster West 7 "Di Zi Gui" Compositi?on Writing Competitio?n 2012 organised by Commonweal?th Sec Sch

 Myat Thazin (Pr4E/4C12) - 3rd Place (Pr Sch Category)


Well Done JPS-sians! Reach In to Reach Out!


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National Day Performance at the Esplanade

We are proud that our students from our Brass Band has been invited to participate in this year’s National Day Celebrations at the Esplanade. 
We wish to invite you to join us in supporting our students on 11 Aug 2012 (Sat) .  They will be performing at the Forecourt from 5.45pm – 6.15pm & 6.45pm – 7.15pm .

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On 28 July ’12, a sunny Saturday afternoon, it was heartening to see fathers streaming into the school hall with their children beside them. From their smiles and lively conversations, it was evident that excitement was in the air.
Through the various fun-filled activities, the fathers got to know their own children better.  The children, on the other hand, saw sides of their fathers that they have never known to exist before.  Fathers and children learn to trust each other and accept each other as they were.
The highlight of the evening was the BBQ dinner. The unique aspect was each father-child couple had a dedicated BBQ pit to themselves. It was indeed a heart-warming opportunity where father and child partner to set the fire and cooked for one another (picture e).
In closing, the group also acknowledged one another, in particular, an aged father who is not well-versed in English. Despite these limitations, he took time to be with his child. At the feedback and evaluation segment, he said in mandarin, “Due to my work, it is very hard to have time alone with my child, but I am happy today because we got to know each other better.”
“To be in our children’s memories tomorrow, we have to be in their lives today”.  (Dads For Life)
We would like to say “Well Done Dads and children”.
Look out for the action in the photos gallery!

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MOE Zonal Outreach for Parents

On 07 Jul 2012 (Sat), Jurong Primary School was invited to participate in the MOE Zonal Outreach for Parents which was held at Pei Tong Primary School.  Our school had the opportunity to showcase our school’s key programmes and 2 of our niche areas, namely our Performing Arts and Partnership Programmes. 


Pottery display (students’ work) at our booth

Our students interacting with the parents





Our objective is to share with the parents (who will be enrolling their children in Primary 1) how the school has enhanced the learning and holistic development of our students through our extensive Performing Arts programme and our partnerships with our stakeholders which include the parents and both private and public organisations. 



We were glad that our booth was well-received.  Some of the parents who had the chance to interact with our 2 students were impressed with them.  Of course, it was great learning experience for our students as well.


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Singapore Youth Festival 2012


The SYF 2012 has finally concluded for the school this week. Congratulations to all the CCA groups for their performance at the recent SYF competitions!
Well Done JPS-cians! Reach In to Reach Out!

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Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award


Congratulations to Harizh Kumaran and Sudharshan of P6E for being awarded an Encouragement Award (Defence Science Category) in their participation in Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors 2012.
Well Done JPS-sians! Reach In to Reach Out!

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National Track and Field Competition 2012

Congratulations to Rangeesh Sugumaran (P6J) for winning the 2nd Place for the National Track and Field Competition, Category A Boys 300m!




We would also like to commend the following pupils for their achievements in this national competition, competing againt 100 over other primary schools!


Category C Girls 4x100m Relay Team

Achieved 9th Position (National)

Ong Yen Yee (P5)

Lam Xin Yi (P5)

Koh Wern Ying (P5)

Gwinee Marie Kaur (P5)


Category C Girls 100m – semi-finalist

Ong Yen Yee (P5)

Lam Xin Yi (P5)


Category C Girls 200m – semi-finalist

Gwinee Marie Kaur (P5)


Category C Boys 100m – semi-finalist

Muhammad Haikal B Mohamed H (P5)


Category C Boys 200m – semi-finalist

Tin Shi Yang (P5)


Category D Boys 100m – semi-finalist

Muhammad Luqman Hakeem B M R (P4)


Category D Boys 200m – semi-finalist

Muhammad Quishari (P4)


Well Done JPS-sians! Reach In to Reach Out!


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Brownies - Chief Commissioner Badge Award 2012

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been accorded with the highest award for brownies!


Megan Nah Yu Ying   (6D)

Miza Munawwarah Sahuan  (6E)

Nurul Amirah Bte Iszehar   (6A)

Rini Rindiani Bte Roszani   (6I)


Well Done JPS-Sians! Reach in to Reach Out!

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Learning Festival 2012

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2012 Caring Teachers' Award

Congratulations to the following teachers who won the Caring Teachers' Award,  "aimed at acknowledging and rewarding those teachers in our schools who, through their daily deeds and actions, exemplify the values of caring, sharing and concern for the academic, moral, social, emotional and mental welfare of their students."
Read about how they felt below!

"If caring is part of teaching, then teaching is part of caring."
 "This award was a surprise for me as I didn't expect myself to win. I wouldn't be able to achieve this without the support of the pupils and the parents. A big thanks to all of you."
 "I am deeply humbled to be bestowed this honour.
I look forward to more fulfilling years ahead and believe that the best is yet to be."
"Demonstrating care in student's academic performance and in their social and emotional well-being helps to boost their confidence. By recognising their strengths and providing them with a caring and supportive platform, it will spur our students on.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all who have nominated for me.This award goes out to all parents too who have collaborated with teachers of Jurong Primary School to make a difference in our students lives. Every teacher in JPS is a caring teacher."
"Thank you, children. I will always care and love you the way you are."

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Jurong District Orienteering Competition 2012

Our Jurong Primary School Cub Scouts participated in the Jurong District Orienteering Competition on the 3rd of March. Armed with only a map, the Scouts showed resilience and perseverance in navigating across MacRitchie Reservoir. They were tasked to find 6 check points within a time frame of three hours. They were also asked to complete challenging tasks along their journey. Through this, our Cub Scouts learned to work as a team and also gained knowledge on the various water reservoirs situated in Singapore. They emerged 2nd in the Jurong District to clinch the Silver Award. Well done, boys!


6th International Children's Music Competition

In December 2011, our Chinese Orchestra pupils travelled to Hong Kong to take part in the 6th International Children's Music Competition.
They achieved the "Best Technique" Award and overall "Gold with Honours" for their performance.
Well done JPS! You have done us proud!

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Singapore Kindness Movement 2012


This year the school embarked on the Kindness Movement with the theme of Empathy which is to inculcate in our pupils the philosophy of being empathetic, kind and gracious, values which will be our school’s character education.
The project started from May till July with different activities for the P1 to P6 pupils, such as colouring and writing a sentence on empathy for the Primary Ones, designing posters for Primary Twos and writing slogans and essays for the Primary Three to Sixes.
We would like to commend the pupils for their efforts in this Movement. A special SKM Collaterals was given to Tha Zin Htet, Pri 1A, for her contributions of a drawing, poem in the Kindsville Newsletter.
The other level winners are also featured in our photo gallery.

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Dear Parents,


Please note that there will be no lessons on 5 Nov 2012, Monday. The school will be having its annual Admin Day for the staff.


Lessons will resume on 6 Nov 2012, Tuesday.


Thank you.

JPS Brass Band 2012 - Esplanade

In conjunction with the National Day Celebrations and marking the 10th Anniversary of the Esplanade, Jurong Primary School Band was invited to perform at the Esplanade on 11th August 2012.

The children's performance received loud applause and commendation from the audience. Well done, Band!

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Dear P6 Parents and students,


Please be informed that the PSLE results will be released on 22 November 2012, after 12pm in our school. Students and parents are to assemble in the hall by 12pm.


Students who are unable to attend can appoint a representative using the attached proxy form, together with supporting documents to collect your results.


The secondary school option form will also be given to your child on that day.


Online submission of Secondary School Option is from 12.00 noon on 22 November 2012 to 3.00 pm on 28 November 2012. You can visit this link for more information:





National Day Awards 2012 - Efficiency Medal


Congratulations to Mrs Jeanie Cheng, for attaining the National Day Awards 2012 - Efficiency Medal!
Mrs Cheng is a long serving staff who has shown strong commitment to MOE and the school. She is exemplary in her creative ways of thinking that complements her to complete her work efficiently and effectively.
Prior to this, she is also an award recipient of Spring Singapore's Excellence Service (Gold Award Winner) and MOE's Service Excellence Award.
We are very proud to have Mrs Cheng in our school and wish her the best in the coming years.

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Mid-Autumn Festival @ Jurong Green CC

We are happy to have our children from the Chinese Orchestra, Chinese and Malay Dance groups invited to perform at the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration held at Jurong Green CC on 22.09.12 (Saturday).  
Our children impressed and moved the audience with their talents and passion for the arts.  A big thank to our teachers, parents and instructors who have given their best to develop our children. 

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