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Academic Year 2013

Choral Exchange 2013

Choir Trip Updates


(Update 5.30pm 26.11.2013 Tue)


The Team has reported that they are clearing the Malaysian Immigration Checkpoint.


(Update 4.30pm 26.11.2013 Tue)


Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) in Jurong Primary School is 6.30pm


(Update 3.30pm 26.11.2013 Tue)


Our students and staff have reached Yong Peng and have stopped for a break.  All staff and other students are well.


(Update 2.30pm 26.11.2013 Tue)


Our students and staff have reached Malacca and have stopped for a short rest and some food.  All staff and other students are well.


(Update 12.55pm 26.11.2013 Tue)


Our staff and students have left the hotel in KL at 12.40pm and are on their way back to Singapore.  All staff and other students are well.


We will keep parents posted on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) in Jurong Primary School.



(Update 8.30pm 25.11.2013 Mon)


Our students at the Ethnic Night Performance






(Update 7.45pm 25.11.2013 Mon)


Our students having fun during team bonding



(Update 10.30am 25.11.2013 Mon)


Our students performing at the Opening Ceremony yesterday.




(Update 8.15am 25.11.2013 Mon)


The Team has reported that all students and staff are well.


(Update 7.15am 25.11.2013 Mon)


Our students attending the Master Class yesterday



Our students and staff at a concert





(Update 4.25pm 24.11.2013 Sun)


The team has checked into the hotel.  All students and staff are well.


(Update 8.25am 24.11.2013 Sun)


The team has cleared the Malaysian Immigration Checkpoint and is enroute to Kuala Lumpur.


(Update 7.25am 24.11.2013 (Sun)


The team has cleared the Singapore Immigration Checkpoint



(Update 7.20am 24.11.2013 Sun)


The students and staff from our Choir have left the school at 6.50am for Kuala Lumpur.


We wish all our students and staff a safe journey and thank the parents for their support.


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P5 1-Day Cultural Immersion to JB

(Update 5.30pm)


All our students and staff have reached Jurong Primary School. We would like to thank the staff for their hard work and ensuring that our students are well-taken care of.  We would also like to thank the parents for their support,



(Update 12.30pm) Mushroom Farm



(Update 10.00am) Kampong Mohd Amin



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P6 Sarawak Trip Updates

(Update 4.00pm, 13.11.2013 Wed)


All students and staff have bee dismissed from school.  We would like to thank the teachers for their hard work, dedication and helping to look after the students to ensure that this is a fruitful trip for all.  We thank the students for joining us on this trip and thank the parents for ther support and faith is us. 



(Update 9.25pm, 12.11.2013 Tue)


All students and staff are well and are back in the hotel.


(Update 6.45pm, 12.11.2013 Tue)


(Update 12.15pm, 12.11.2013 Tue)



(Update 8.15am, 12.11.2013 Tue):



 (Update 7.15am, 12.11.2013 Tue) : The team has reported that all students and staff are well this morning.  They are all set and ready for the day's activities.  



 (Update 9.25pm, 11.11.2013 Mon) : The team has reported that they have checked into the hotel.  All students and staff are safe and well. 



Teacher and students reflecting on the events and what they have learned during the day.


 (Update 5.35pm, 11.11.2013 Mon) : The staff and students visited the Sarawak Cultural Village.  Mount Santubong in the background. 




(Update 3.00pm, 11.11.2013 Mon) : The team has landed safely in Kuching, Malaysia and is clearing custom




(Update 12.40pm, 11.11.2013 Mon) : Students and staff have left JPS enroute to Changi Airport.  We wish all our students and staff bon voyage 

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Leaving a Legacy

In continuation of the 'Leaving a Legacy' project for our graduating classes (the P6s since 2006), the students will follow up with a 'Paint a Legacy', leaving their prints in JPS. Through this project, we hope to instil not just a sense of community spirit and gratitude among our P6 students, but also a sense of belonging to the JPS big family.



JPS Students Gave Their Best at the AEC Solar Prix Light Wave

On 08 Nov 2013, 4 of our students (Catherine Liu Zhijun, Lim Yun Ni, Muhammad Muneerul & Tan Xian Guang, all from P5E) represented our school to take part in the 2013 AEC (Alternative Energy Car) Solar Prix Light Wave Championship.


Our Team came in first in the Semi-Finals and 5th in the Finals.  Our Team also clinched the "Most Environmentally-Themed Car Award".  Overall, our product was the 4th Best Car in the entire Competition. 


We are proud of their achievements.  Most importantly, they have put into action what they have learnt.  Together with strong Teamwork and creative juices overflowing, the Team has overcome all odds to come up with a car that they are proud of.


Well done, children !!!



                        Our JPS Team!!!!!                                                        Improved Version of the Car


School Admin Day & Deepavali Holiday

   School Admin Day 06 Nov 2013 (Wed)


   Our School Admin Day will fall on 06 Nov 2013 (Wed).  In this regard, there will be no lessons for all levels on this day.



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   School Holiday on 04 Nov 2013


   Deepavali will fall on 02 Nov 2013 (Saturday).  04 Nov 2013 (Monday) will be a school holiday.


   We take this opportunity to wish all all our parents, students and staff Happy Deepavali.


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JPS Student Who Lives Out Our Values

Our student Prakash (P5H) was praised for his community spirit and living out our vision of being a gracious citizen when he, together with his father, Mr Arjunan, helped an injured worker out of the 2.5m deep canal.  Prakash has rushed home to get a ladder so that together with the other members of the public, they could rescue the injured man who was flung into the canal during a road accident.


Well done Prakash.  


The incident was reported in the Today New Paper on 6 Aug 2013 and our MOE Facebook page:




Life Is Like a Tier of Cupcakes

We are proud to announce that 1 of our entries has been selected to be showcased at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition at the Suntec City.  Titled “Life is Like a Tier of Cupcakes”, the art piece comprises of layers of cupcakes created by our students from P3 & P4.  This entry is co-created by Nurin, Myat Su Huin Poh, Jorraine Chua, S. Sivanthini & Richli Arielle Meiya. 


“Life is like a tier of delightful cupcakes.  Each cupcake represents our sweet treasures and contains the beautiful experiences and friendships we hold close to our hearts.”


What we are also proud of was that our students were able to express and explain to visitors their work of art.


Congratulations to our students !!!





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Update of Particulars

Dear Parents,
Please remember to inform the Form Teacher of your child if there is a change in your address and contact numbers.
Thank you.

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Parents On Board , 2 March 2013

To register or find out more, please view from this article:
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Frank Cooper Sands Award - Silver

All of us in Jurong Primary School are firm believers of holistic development of our students and we are happy that our efforts in building character and resilience in our cub scouts have been affirmed by the Singapore Scout Association through being conferred the Frank Cooper Sands Silver Award 2012.



The boys have went through tough training in the Sixer Training Camp to become Sixers (Leaders of the Scouts). They have also learned through participation in the various district level competitions such as the Orienteering Competition and the National Cub Scouts Challenge. They also displayed good community awareness by partnering residents of Park Oasis Condominium, raising funds through the Job Week and Donation Draw. They have also partnered Yuhua Community Club to collect food items for the needy.


Through character-building, we hope to achieve our School Vision of being a vibrant community of gracious citizens and passionate learners through service to peers, school and the community. 


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Pongal Celebrations 2013

We celebrated Pongal in JPS on 14 Jan 2013. The Pongal Festival was originally held in celebration of a good harvest in South India, where farming is the main form of livelihood.


Here in Singapore, the Pongal Festival welcomes the beginning of the 10th Tamil month, called Thai, which falls in mid-January each year. It is celebrated in the form of a thanksgiving and usually lasts four days.


Pongal literally means to boil over and hence the pot of rice is allowed to boil over as a sign of prosperity. The day starts with the preparation of pongal (sweet sticky rice in which milk, rice and sugar are boiled together) cooked in a new pot that is presented as an offering to the Sun God. The Pongal is offered to the Sun God, as the sun is essential for a good harvest.


In JPS, the teachers demonstrated how the pongal is prepared. Click on the pictures to watch how this is done!




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Download this article to find out more or register  --- >>   SFE_PREPARING YOUR CHILD FOR P1 2013.pdf

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Dear Parent,
Please be informed that the uniform shop will be closed for the Chinese New Year holidays and will resume business on 16 Feb, Saturday onwards. The supplier apologises for any inconvenience caused and wished all a Happy Lunar New Year.
General Office
Jurong Primary School

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Maximising your child's potential, 27 April 2013


The first 10 years are when the child’s brain is most active and when critical synaptic connections are being made. These years will determine how the child learns in later life.


Join us and discover multiple intelligences and the different learning styles of children. Learn how to identify the different learning styles and how to devise learning strategies to help make learning fun and effective for your children. GUEST SPEAKER: Miss Chee Wei-lin (LLB. (Hons.); M. Org. Lead. (Monash))


Find out more and/or register here! --->    Maximising Childs Potential.pdf   

MOE Excel Fest 2013


Dear Parent,


MOE ExCEL Fest is an annual event that celebrates innovative practices in schools and allows parents and members of the public to find out more about the latest developments in our education landscape.

MOE ExCEL Fest 2013 will be open to the public on 6 April 2013 (Saturday) at ITE College Central (2 Ang Mo Kio Drive). The theme for MOE ExCEL Fest 2013, Passion for Learning, Character for Life, turns the spotlight on the initiatives in a student-centric and values-driven education for our children, to prepare them to meet the challenges of the future.


We would like to invite you to attend the Exhibitions, Seminars and Sessions to learn more about topics selected specially for parents.  Join us to learn about:


  • Insights into latest teaching practices and developments in various subjects at the Primary and Secondary level;
  • Creative strategies to develop your child to become a confident, self-directed and reflective learner;
  • Pedagogical approaches that you can use to support your child in learning; and
  • Perspectives on parenting to nurture parent-child relationships.

Registration for Seminars and Sharing Sessions (Limited Seats Available!)


Seminars and Sharing Sessions on 6 April 2013 are now open for registration!  In view that limited seats are available, registration is on a first-come-first-served basis.  Sign up now at www.excelfest.com!


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at MOE ExCEL Fest 2013!


Best regards,


General Office

Jurong Primary School



Sent on behalf of

MOE ExCEL Fest 2013 Organising Committee


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March Holidays Travel Declaration

Dear Parents,
If you are intending to travel out of Singapore with your child, please remember to submit to the school a copy of your travel plans. You can get the travel declaration form through this link .
General Office
Jurong Primary School

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Updates to P4 Malacca Trip 2013

DAY THREE (16 March 2013)


Dear Parents,


At 6.35pm, the last child has headed home. Malacca Trip 2013 has concluded and we would like to thank all relevant parties for their assistance and cooperation in ensuring a safe and fruitful journey for our children. Thank you for your attention and have a good weekend.




Dear Parents,


At 6.20pm, the LAST bus has reached the school. Parents who will be late in fetching your child, please call the office at 6561 8837 to alert the officers.




Dear Parents,


At 5.55pm, the LAST bus has cleared the Singapore checkpoint and is now heading back to the school. Parents who will be late in fetching your child, please call the office at 6561 8837 to alert the officers. Please check this space for further updates.




Dear Parents,


At 5.50pm, the first bus has reached the school. Please check this space for further updates.




Dear Parents,


At 5.30pm, the first bus has left the Singapore checkpoint and is now heading back to the school. Please check this space for further updates.




Dear Parents,



At 5.15pm, the group has just arrived at the Malaysian checkpoint. Please check this space for further updates.




Dear Parents,


The group is estimated to arrive at the Malaysian checkpoint today, 16 March, at 5.00pm only. Please check this space for further updates.




Dear Parents,

As of 2pm this afternoon, the group is leaving Malacca to head back to Singapore. Please check this space for further updates.



Dear Parents,


As of 8am this morning, the group has embarked safely to their last few stops in Malacca before heading back to Singapore in the afternoon. Please check this space for further updates.




DAY ONE (14 March 2013)

Dear Parents,


Students on the Malacca Trip has arrived, safe and sound in their hotel on Day One, 14 March. Below are some pictures of them on the first day:


Students experiencing kampong life in Malaysia:

Students having lunch at a kampong.

(Kampong Parit Penghulu )

Students and teachers taking part in a live performance of a traditional

Baba and Nyonya wedding ceremony.

Students at a demonastration of a  traditional game - Gasing.


Gasing also known as top spinning is a traditional game popular amongst the Malays during the kampong days


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MOE Parents' Seminar

Dear Parents,


Starting secondary school is a big step in your child's life. To help you better understand secondary school programmes and enable you to make key education decisions, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social and Family Development will be conducting a seminar on secondary school education. At the seminar, parents can look forward to sharing sessions by a school principal, an education and career guidance specialist, and a family life educator.


Seminar Details

Date Saturday, 20 April 2013
Time 2.00 pm – 5.30pm (Registration starts at 1.30 pm)
Venue Ministry of Education, Edutorium
Podium Block (Level 4), MOE Building
1 North Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138675



For more details and registration, visit this link: http://www.moe.gov.sg/events/seminars-for-parents/transition-to-secondary-education/


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W7 Cluster Dizigui Competition 2013

6th April 2013 was the day that 4 of our students will vividly remember.  On this day, Wong Qi Qi (P4E), Cheong Jian Hao (P4E), Xu Jia Wei (P4E) and Lim Jun Sheng (P4D) represented the school to compete in the W7 Cluster Dizigui Chinese on the Spot Writing Competition 2013.



Organised by Commonwealth Secondary School, the competition seeks to provide a platform for our students to better appreciate Dizigui (standards for being good students based on the ancient teaching of the Chinese philosopher Confucius) and enhance our students’ skills in writing.



Qi Qi competed in the P5/6 category and clichéd the 3rd place.  More importantly for the students, they had the chance to meet students from the other schools and were able to share their experiences.  All 4 students told the teachers that they better understood the moral principles and virtues propounded by Confucius after the event.


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JPS Shines @ Jurong Green CC Scrabble Championships

On 7th April 2013, JPS sent in a team of 6 students to compete in the Jurong Green CC Scrabble Championship 2013.  Nuwani, P6A, clinched the 8th position when she emerged winner in 4 of the 5 rounds.



Although most of them were nervous at the beginning, we were proud that our students have never once displayed fatigue or the fear.  Even in the face of impending defeat, they bravely took the challenge on and completed the games.  They have certainly lived up to our dictum of “Win with Grace, Lose with Dignity”.


We salute the efforts of our children and wishes them success in all their future endeavours!


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Scouts Orienteering Competition

Jurong Primary School Scouts participated in the Jurong District Orienteering Competition 2013 on 13 April 2013. Orienteering is a family of sports that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain, and normally moving at speed.
Participants were given a topographical map of Macritchie Reservoir and were asked to navigate to six check points within a short duration of two hours. Our boys from JPS, who formed 2 teams to participate in the event, were presented with the Gold and Silver Awards.  More importantly, our boys were able to display resilience and internalise the values of Care and Teamwork.  Let us congratulate our Cub Scouts for their hard work and effort put in.

 Jurong Primary Team 1 (Silver Award)

  Abdul Hafiz B Abdul Hamid  (Team Leader) 6C

 Amirul B Rosli 5G

 Muhammad Aqil B Mohd 5G

 Chan Kai 4B

 Saravanakumar LohithLingam 4B

 Carl Shane 6D

 Muhammad Noor Hidayat 6I


Jurong Primary Team 2 (Gold Award)

 Aldric Justin Ledesma So (Team Leader)  5F

 Muhammad Muneerul 5E

 Sathyamoorthy s/o Rajendiran 4B

 Solaimuthu Dhanabalan 6A

 Uthayamoorthy s/o Rajendiran 6E

 Haris Bin Mohammad Yasir 3A

 Tan Zhen Li 3G


Teachers In Charge : Mr Ravindran, Miss Ho Mei Ling, Ms Sharon Hu


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Upcoming 2013 Secondary School Open House in June

Dear Parents of P6 Students,


The following is a list of some upcoming Open House for P6 Students by the respective secondary schools. They are open to public and entry is free for all. For more information

regarding school open house or direct school admission, please refer to the MOE website: http://www.moe.gov.sg/education/admissions/dsa-sec/participating-schools/


Secondary School



Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

1 Cedar Avenue

Singapore 349692

1 June 2013


9am – 1pm

School of Science and Technology (SST)

1 Technology Drive

Singapore 138572

(Near Dover MRT)

1 June 2013


8.30 am – 4.30pm

Victoria School

2 Siglap Link
Singapore 448880

1 June 2013


9 am to 1pm

Temasek Junior College (IP)

22 Bedok South Road. Singapore 469278

1 June 2013


10 am – 2 pm


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Parent-Teacher Conference on 29 May Wednesday

Dear Parents of P1&P2 Students,
Please note that due to the Parent-Teacher Conference on 29 May Wednesday, these will be no lessons for P1/P2 students on that day.
Thank you.

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Dear Parents,
In support of the Centre for Fathering "EAT WITH FAMILY DAY 2013", lessons on 31 May, Friday, will end at 5pm so Primary 1 and 2 students will be dismissed at 5pm. We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you to make time for your family on this day too.
Thank you.

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First Semester Exam Dates and Parents' Meeting

Details of First Semester Exam Dates:





EL Oral Exam (Primary 3-4)


02/05 (Thu) to 03/05 (Fri) 


MT Oral Exam (Primary 5 - 6)


02/05 (Thu) to 03/05 (Fri)


MT Oral Exam (Primary 3-4)


06/05 (Mon) to 07/05 (Tue)

EL Oral Exam (Primary 5-6)


06/05 (Mon) to 07/05 (Tue)

EL  & MT Listening Comprehension (Primary 3-6)


08/05 (Wed)

EL  Paper 1 & 2 (Primary 3-6)


13/05 (Mon)

MT  Paper 1 & 2 (Primary 3-6)


14/05 (Tue)

Mathematics (Primary 3-6)


15/05 (Wed)

Science (Primary 3-6)


16/05 (Thu)

HMT Paper 1 & 2 (Primary 5-6)


17/05 (Fri)



Overview of Exam-Related Events:


Semestral Assessment 1 (SA1) Period


13/05 (Mon) – 17/05 (Fri)

Parent-Teacher Meeting (P3 – P5),

Parent-Teacher-Child Conference (P1 and P2)


29/05 (Wed)


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Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) 2013

Our team of innovative students received the Certificate of Excellence during the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) – Category B (Unpowered Glider) held on 22.03.2013 (Friday).  Congratulations to the following students:


Team members

5C - Harine S/O Sumen

5E - H M Irfan Abdullah

6D - Carl Shane

6E - Chai Ming Rher

6E - Izavel Lee Shu Yih



Organised by DSO National laboratories and the Science Centre Singapore, 88 teams participated, of which 84 teams were from the secondary schools.  We were 1 of the 4 teams from the primary schools. Our team of children wowed the judges with their creativity and the ability to present in the first round of judging.


“Our Children are Small, but their Minds are Not”.  We are proud of their can-do spirit.


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Jurong District Scouts Cookout Competition (Zonal)

The Jurong District Scouts Cookout Competition (Zonal) was held on the 1st June 2013 at River Valley High School. There were two segments in this competition; the Creative Cooking Competition and the Outdoor Cooking Competition. Our scouts participated in both the competitions.




The Outdoor Cooking Competition required our Scouts to cook a total of 5 dishes. (noodles, fruits, vegetable, meat, egg). The Creative Cooking Competition required our scouts to cook a dish that would be creative and tasty. Carl Shane of 6D and Uthayamoorthy of 6E managed to form a "Sea Scout Logo" by grilling prawns and salmon.



Both teams have learned well from the competition.The Outdoor Cooking Team were able to prepare all 5 dishes with minimum help from the adult leaders. The Creative Cooking Team attain 2nd position for their hardwork and creativity. Well Done Scouts!



Outdoor Cooking Competition

Team A

1) Abdul Hafiz 6C (Team Leader)

2) Hidayat 6I

3) Sathyamoorty 4B

Team B

1)Dhanabalan 6A (Team Leader)

2) Aldric Justin 5F

3) Chan Kai 4B


Creating Cooking Competition (Winner 2nd)

1) Carl Shane 6D (Team Leader)

2) Uthayamoorthy 6E

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Temperature-Taking Exercise July 2013

We will be conducting our 2nd Temperature-Taking Exercise from 2 July 2013 (Tuesday) - 4 July 2013 (Thursday).  Please ensure that your child brings his / her own Oral Digital Thermometer (ODT) on these days.  Thank you.

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