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Academic Year 2014

Value Champions

The Value Champions for Respect and Responsibility were affirmed on 18 Sep. These students have been outstanding in their behaviour and are good role models for their peers. We wish to congratulate them on their achievement. Keep it up! 


Values Champion for Passion and Integrity:


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Travel Declaration

Parents are reminded to declare your child’s travel plans if he/she intends to travel during the June holidays.


For parents of P1 children, please note that travel plans must be declared regardless of travel intent. 


You may submit the travel declaration on a hardcopy to the Form Teacher or send us the softcopy of the form which can be found via this link.


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Value Champions

The Value Champions for Respect and Responsibility were affirmed on the 9 and 10 April. These students have been outstanding in their behaviour and are good role models for their peers. We wish to congratulate them on their achievement. Keep it up! 


Values Champion for Responsibility



Values Champions for Respect



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We would like to invite applications for the position of Family Life Education (FLE) Coordinator at Jurong Primary School.

The scope of activities that the FLE Coordinator has to carry out includes, but is not limited, to the following:

  • Promote the FamilyMatters @ School programme;
  • Assist the school in conducting needs assessment to identify needs of parents and students;
  • Plan, organise and implement Family Life Education (FLE) programmes for each target group;
  • Publicise programmes and encourage participation from target groups;
  • Collate participant feedback (whenever necessary);
  • Administer and file/submit FLE programme reports, reimbursement and other required documents to MSF;
  • Provide information and referrals to parents and students;
  • Identify parents for Parent Facilitator Training, and work closely with the school to provide platforms for the trained parent facilitators to pay back their obligatory hours;
  • Carry out any other FamilyMatters @ School-related duties;
  • Any other assignments the Supervising Persons or the school may assign to you from time to time.


The FLE Corodinator will report to the School Counsellor.


For carrying out the activities, we offer an honorarium payment of $1000 per month for at least 78 hours of work and activities per month. You will have to log in and out for all in-school and out-of-school activities.  Please note that the honorarium does not constitute contract of employment with the school.


Please submit your Curriculum Vitae (CV) stating your work experience to Mrs Irene Ng at the General Office by 09 May 2014 (Friday).  For enquiries you may wish to contact our School Counsellor Mrs Gopal at 65618837.


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SYF Arts Presentation 2014

Following is a schedule showing the dates for SYF Art Presentation for 7 of our CCA groups. It will span over 3 weeks from 2 to 17 April.

Let's wish them all the best in this year SYF Arts Presentation :)



SYF Arts Presentation 2014

Perf No.

Performing Arts Group



Reporting Time

Est Performance Time

CH 024


2/4/2014 (Wed)

School of the Arts



BB 23

Brass Band

2/4/2014 (Wed)

Singapore Conference Hall




Malay Dance


University Cultural Centre Hall (UCC)




Chinese Dance

10/4/2014 (Thur)

Kallang Theatre




International Dance 

15/4/2014 (Tues)

University Cultural Centre Hall (UCC)



CO 13

Chinese Orchestra

16/4/2014 (Wed)

Singapore Conference Hall




Indian Dance


Kallang Theatre




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Please refer to the notification letters for further details.  


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P4 Malacca Trip Updates

(Updated 7.15pm Friday 14 March 2014)


All buses have arrived in Jurong Primary School


We would like to thank all the parents for their support and help. 


We wish all staff, students and parents an enjoyable and fruitful March Holidays.


(Updated at 6.50pm Friday 14 March 2014)


1st bus has arrived in Jurong Primary School


(Updated at 6.20pm Friday 14 March 2014)


2 buses have cleared Singapore Custom


(Updated at 5.20pm Friday 14 March 2014)


The buses have arrived at the Malaysian Immigration Checkpoint.


Revised Estimated Time of Arrival in JPS : 6.00pm


(Updated at 3.25pm Friday 14 March 2014) 


The group has reported that they have arrived in Yong Peng


Estimated time of Arrival in Singapore : 5.00pm


(Updated at 2.00pm Friday 14 March 2014)


The group has reported that they have left Malacca and they on their way to Yong Peng:


Estimated Time of Arrival at Yong Peng : 3.30pm

Estimated Time of Arrival in Singapore :  5.00pm


(Updated at 11.30am Friday 14 March 2014)


The group has reported that all students and staff are well.  They are on their way to lunch.


(Updated at 9.00am Friday 14 March 2014)


The group has reported that all students and staff are well.  In view of the air quality, the group will conduct activities that are indoors as much as possible.  The staff will continue to closely monitor the well being of all our staff and students.


(Updated at 8.30pm Thursday 13 March 2014)


The teachers kept close tabs on the air quality in Malacca.  While the AQI has remained in the higher end of the moderate zone this afternoon, the Core Team has decided to cancel some of the outdoor activities (e.g. the trip to Harmony Street) and adjusted some of the more strenuous activities as a precuationary measure.


The group has returned to the hotel after dinner and all students and staff are well.


Students working their reflections as a group with their teachers and sharing with one another:



Some of our students took the stage to share with the entire cohort what they have learnt for the day:



The team will continue to monitor the air quality in Malacca closely tomorrow and will adjust the programmes accordingly.


We wish all staff and students a restful evening and look forward to having the team back with us tomorrow.


(Updated at 5.00pm Thursday 13 March 2014)


Some highlights from this morning's activities


   The local primary school the group visited



(Updated at 1.15pm Thursday 13 March 2014)


The group has reported that they have left the Malaccan Primary School and is enroute for lunch.  All students and staff are reported to be well.


(Updated at 8.45am Thursday 13 March 2014)


The group has reported that all staff and students are well and has proceeded to leave the hotel for the day's activities.


(Updated at 7.40am Thursday 13 March 2014)


Some highlights from last evening's activities:



The staff and students attended a cultural show on Nonya-Baba wedding. 


Some pictures of the affirmation of the children who have been observed to display school values during the day:




(Updated at 10.30pm Wednesday 12 March 2014)


The group has reported that they have checked in to the hotel.  Staff and students are well.  Weather is hot but air quality is good.


The group has turned in for the night.


We thank all the staff for ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our students and wishes the group a great day tomorrow.


(Updated at 1.45pm Wednesday 12 March 2014)


The group has reached Malacca and had lunch.  During the cultural performance, our students and staff joined the performers on stage.  All students and staff are reported to be well.



(Updated at 9.45am Wednesday 12 March 2014)


All staff and students have cleared the Malaysian Immigration Checkpoint and are on their way to Malacca.  All staff and students are well.


(Updated at 7.42am  Wednesday 12 March 2014)


Our students reported to school at 6.15am this morning and we could see excitement on all their faces.  We are sure that all of our students have been looking forward to this trip and some may not have been able to sleep well the night before, anticipating the 3 days of learning and fun with their teachers and friends.


The group left Jurong Primary School at 7.42am this morning in 6 buses.  We wish them an enjoyable and fruitful trip.




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Our school has always been heavily involved in greening our school and recycling.  Through these programmes, these green areas have also become living classrooms.  Our teachers use these outdoor classrooms to enhance the overall learning experience of our students.  Through our environment conservation programmes, our students learn to care for our environment.


The school is proud to have achieved the Sustained Achievement Award for Green Schools @ South West for 2013 as a result of our active contribution and participation that has led us to achieve the highest level of award (Gold) for the last five consecutive years. 



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The MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA) is a MOE-wide Award to encourage all MOE staff to continually and consistently serve both internal and external customers with excellent service premised on CARE (CourtesyAccessibility, Responsiveness and Effectiveness)and the 3 key Service Principles [People Centricity, Mutual Courtesy and Respect and Shared Responsibility for the Public Good].


The school is proud to have Mrs Jeanie Cheng from the General Office receive the prestigious award in recognition of her excellent service to all our stakeholders.



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Project Love 2014

On 25 Jan 2014 (Sat), at about 7.45am, a group of 43 students, 16 teachers and 7 parent volunteers were already in the school, ready to do their part for the community.  It was the day that we will deliver the carefully-wrapped hampers to the families in our community who needed a helping hand.


Working with SW CDC, Jurong Central GRC and Jurong Central Zone E RC, all our P5 students, entire staff and Parent Support Group (PALS) contributed the items for 58 hampers.  The students and staff worked together to wrap the hampers.  A select group of students (including the scouts and brownies) will personally deliver the hampers to the homes of these families under the supervision of the teachers accompanied by the Zone E RC members.  The Member of Parliament for Jurong Central GRC Mr Ang Wei Neng was also present to deliver some of the hampers together with our students and staff.


We hope that through this project, we will inculcate in our staff and students, the values of Care and Respect for one another in our community.


We would like to thank all our teachers, staff, parents and students who have contributed to the success of this project.


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Briefing for Parents of P6 Students (Presentation Slides)

We wish to thank all parents who have taken time off their busy schedule to attend our Briefing for P6 Parents on 10 Jan 2014 (Friday).  The presentation slides are now available via the tab "Briefing Slides for Parents" which can be found on the right of this page.  You may also click on the following link.


Slides for Parents


We look forward to closer collaboration with you. 


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Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014

The school will be holding its Chinese New Year Celebrations on 30 Jan 2014 (Thursday). 


Date : 30 Jan 2014 (Thursday)

Time : 7.15am – 9.30am (for all levels)

Attire : a. Chinese traditional costume or

            b. in red or any bright colour shirt with school shorts or skirt or

            c. school uniform


Kindly make the necessary arrangements to fetch your child/ward if he/she is not taking the school bus.  You may contact the bus co-ordinator for the pick-up and alighting time if your child is taking the school bus.


No lessons will be conducted on that day.  Hence, your child/ward will only need to bring a small bag with a story book and water bottle.


As 3 Feb 2014 (Mon) is a school holiday, lessons will only resume on 4 Feb 2014 (Tue).


We take this opportunity to wish you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year.


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Collection of PSLE Certificates

All 2013 P6 students may collect their PSLE Certificates from the General Office during office hours.

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School Reopens 02 Jan 2014 (Thursday)

The new academic year 2014 will begin on 02 Jan 2014 (Thursday). We look forward to having all our staff and students back with us.  We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our staff and students a Happy New Year.

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Academic Year 2014 PM Session School Hours

Academic Year 2014 will start on 02.01.2014 (Thur).  With the introduction of PAL (Programme for Active Learning), the school hours of our PM session will be adjusted as follows:








Students to Assemble






Start of School


12 noon

12 noon

12 noon


Dismissal Time







The AM session school hours will remain unchanged.


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Travel Decaration

As part of our efforts to monitor the health status of our students, we would like to seek your assistance in declaring your child's travel plans during this December school holidays.  The Travel Declaration Form can be found on our school website or through MC Online. 
You may submit the form to the school through our JPS email account or on a hard copy to the Form Teacher.
All Primary 1 students are required to submit their Travel Declaration Forms regardless of travel intentions.  This is to help our parents familiarise themselves with the process and the form.
We thank you for helping us maintain a safe and healthy environment for all our students and staff.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish all parents and their children a Happy Bonding Time.

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PSLE Oral Examinations 2014

The PSLE Oral Examination will be held on Thu, 14 Aug and Fri, 15 Aug.


Primary 1 to Primary 5 pupils are NOT required to report to school on Thu, 14 Aug and Fri, 15 Aug. 


Primary 6 pupils will have to be in school for the PSLE Oral Exams and they have been informed of their reporting times for the respective days.


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National Day Celebrations


The school will celebrate National Day on Fri, 8 Aug.  School hours will be from 7am to 10am for both morning and afternoon sessions. 


All students will be allowed to wear a red t-shirt with their school shorts/skirts.  Students who do not have a red t-shirt are to be in their PE attire. 


Please make arrangements to pick your child up at 10am.


As National Day falls on a Sat, the following Mon, 11 Aug will be a school holiday.  There will be no school for teachers and pupils on that day.


We wish you a happy and meaningful National Day.



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Student Care Centre in Jurong Primary School

We are pleased to inform that Kidz Fusion Network has been appointed the operator of the Student Care Centre that is located within our school premises. 
Registration is now open. 
For more information and a copy of the registration form, please contact Mdm Puni at 65694452 (Office) or 85476265 (Handphone).

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Teachers’ Day 2014 - Ex-Pupils Visitation

We would like to extend an invitation to all our ex-pupils to visit their ex-teachers on this coming Teachers' Day (04.09.2014, Thursday).


However, we will only be opening the gates for you from 11.30am onwards.  As the school is still in session, regretably, all ex-pupils would have to leave the school premises at 12.30pm.


Only ex-pupils in the school uniforms are allowed into the premises.  For ITE, polytechnic and university students, we would require you to show proof of being a student in these institutions.


Date : 04.09.2014 (Thursday)

Time : 11.30am to 12.30pm

Attire : School uniform (or proof of identity)


We look forward to seeing you on this special occasion.


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Teachers’ Day 2014

04 Sep 2014


Normal school day for AM Session

PM Session will be dismissed at 5.00 p.m.  School bus operator will be informed.

05 Sep 2014


School holiday.  No lessons for all levels.


The school bus operator has also been informed of the changes.  If your child takes the school bus home in the evening, please liaise with the school bus operator for the alighting time.


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September Holidays

The school will be closed for the 1-week holidays from 06 to 14 Sep 2014.  Pupils will return to school for Term 4 on Monday, 15 Sep 2014. You will be informed by the Form or Teacher In-Charge if your child is required to attend remedial / supplementary or other activities in school during the 1-week break.


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PSLE Listening Comprehension Examinations


19 Sep 2014 (Friday)

P6 Pupils

To report to school hall at 07.15am in School Uniform

P3 – P5 Pupils

No lessons on 19 Sep 2014 (Friday)

P1 & P2 Pupils

Normal school day.  Not to report to school before 12.25 p.m. as examinations are ongoing.


Please note that all supplementary and remedial lessons will be cancelled on 18 Sep 2014 (Thu) to facilitate the preparation for the examination.


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