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Chinese Dance

CCA Teachers-in-charge
Advisor Day Time  Venue
Chinese Dance
Mdm Huang Kun
Mdm Fadzila*
Mdm Amilia (ST)  
Ms Teoh Kiah Mun
Ms Yvonne Thursday
3 pm to 5 pm Music Studio / B3-06 / B3-07/  B3-08
(Rotation among the dance groups)

Come and Join the Chinese Dance Group


  1. To cultivate pupil's interest for Chinese dance
  2. To provide pupils with a variety of opportunities to learn and appreciate Chinese dance
  3. To instill a strong culture of team spirit, unity and respect in our dance group

Brief Description

The Chinese Dance Group is open to pupils from all levels whom are interested and have a passion for dance. The pupils are trained on basic Chinese Dance movements through stretching and developmental exercises. We dedicate with our hearts and passion to strive well in our dance. As a form of commitment, the pupils will be most likely be involved in internal (CNY Concert, PA Championships, Mid-Autumns Festival) and external performances throughout the year, either behind the scenes or in front of audience.