Malay Dance

CCA Teachers-in-charge
Advisor Day Time  Venue
Malay Dance
Mdm Sarimah Sainin
Mdm Lydia Song*
Mrs Josephine Rama (CATr)  
Ms Siti Nurul Syafiqah (UT CTr)
Mr Zul Thursday
3 pm to 5 pm Music Studio / B3-06 / B3-07/  B3-08
(Rotation among the dance groups)

Malay Dance

Come and join the Malay Dance group

What we do in Malay Dance
    1. To nurture  pupils  to become a confident, creative and responsible individual with greater understanding of Malay dance
    2. To prepare pupils to  perform traditional and contemporary Malay dance items for   indoor and outdoor performances in front of live audience with confidence
    3. P1-P2 -  pupils learn the basic  steps in the Malay Dance
    4. P3-P6 - expose and learn the different genre of dances steps

Types of dances:

    1. Joget Traditional,
    2. Dance 2 : Masri  -
    3. Dance 3 : Hari Raya Zapin 
    4. Dance 4: Asli
    5. Dance 5 : Inang
 All pupils will be given the opportunity to perform either internal or external performance
 We prepare pupils for central judging that is held every two years.
Upcoming Event
P1-P2 pupils will be performing at Suntec City on 26th May 2012 between 12.00pm to 1.00pm.  Invitation by Hans Arts – Charity Performance.