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Every JPS student a gracious citizen.


Values Education:

    • To provide knowledge, skills, values and attitudes through CCE lessons, FTGP and school-based CCE.

Values Education Curriculum:


The objectives of FTGP are to:

    • provide quality interaction time between from teachers and students, and
    • equip students with social and emotional competencies.

To meet the purpose of providing quality interaction time between form teachers and their students, FTGP will be a time within the curriculum for form teachers to engage in meaningful discussion with their students.

During FTGP, form teachers will deliver social and emotional learning (SEL) lessons using lesson plans that have been developed based on an  SEL Programme for Explicit Teaching of SE competencies  which sees to the developmental needs of students in SEL.


CCE Lessons

In JPS, CCE lessons are being carried out by the Mother Tongue Teachers. The outcome of CCE is to teach students values, knowledge and skills. During CCE lessons, all non-MT students will attend their CCE lessons in English.


P1 and P2 PAL

The objectives of PAL are to equip our students with life skills and dispositions for world of the future – that sense of confidence; the ability to express themselves effectively;  the connection within themselves and with others, guided by a set of values.

With these dispositions and the content knowledge and skills of the other subjects in the school curriculum, our students will be set for the world of the future.

In PAL, emphasis is placed on experiential learning. The hands-on experiences reinforce students’ learning, and allow them to explore, discover, generate further thinking and express their ideas. In every lesson, time is set aside for both individual work and team work. The activities are fun and enjoyable, and are pitched at the capabilities of Primary 1 & 2 students. Equally important in a PAL lesson is the time for students to reflect on their experiences and feelings in the different contexts set up for that lesson. PAL provides an excellent platform for your child to acquire social and emotional competencies and inculcate good values.




Performing Arts (Music) / Visual Arts / Sports and Games


Performing Arts (Dance) / Visual Arts / Outdoor

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