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Cyberwellness @ JPS

    • It advocates the positive well-being of internet users
    • The two principles to guide pupils in their actions are: ‘Respect for Self and Others’ and ‘Safe and Responsible Use’.
    • Programmes and activities are tailored according the levels such as assembly programmes, enrichment lessons and recess activities.

CyberSmart Day @ JPS

On 27 February, we had our CyberSmart Day. During the morning assembly, the cyber wellness student ambassadors did an assembly presentation on cyber wellness to encourage children to take part in the recess activities. There was a crowd during every recess as the children came to our booth to learn about cyber wellness.

During recess, the children had fun while they learnt about cyber wellness. They get to colour, play games on iPads, do powerpoint quizzes and reflect on cyber wellness principles. Through these activities, children learnt about netiquette, internet safety and protecting one’s personal information online.


Our parent volunteers and cyber wellness student ambassadors also did a great job helping our students to learn more about cyber wellness. They assisted the children who visited the booth. Our children were excited and they received tokens after completing the activity.

CW Day
CW Part 2

CyberSmart Tip

Cyber wellness Ambassadors started their sharing of their first tip on how to be safe and responsible when they are online.

CW 8.jpg

Cyber wellness @ Home

To complement the cyberwellness curriculum in school, parents can set a good example at home in the use of technology and play an active role in guiding our children to navigate in cyberspace. The school will be providing you a copy of the ‘Click Clique” booklet that you can use to advocate the principles of Cyberwellness. Each child will receive a booklet in order for you to guide your child/children in different aspects of Cyberwellness. You can also click on this link to access the booklet: 


Learning Management System (Mconline)

The school has also subscribed to the Learning Management System (LMS) – Marshall Cavendish Online to help to promote Self Directed Learning and Collaborative learning. Future Home Based Learning (HBL) assignments will be assigned through this platform. It will allow students to use ICT in a meaningful way to help them coordinate their work and learn to make their thinking visible in order to shape and sharpen their ideas.

You can access this website through , www.mconline.sg or you download the following app in your smartphone.