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Key Programmes

Curriculum Programmes 

The Curriculum Programmes are level-customized to provides pupil with an opportunity to be involved in some of form of product innovation. The pupils will be given some basic knowledge on various innovation tools (e.g. SCAMPER, Breakdown, Attribute Listing) and Entrepreneurial Concepts (e.g. Budgeting, Profit, Loss etc) and under the guidance of the form teacher, be required to design / build a product / sell a product, depending on their level.

Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Challenge is a school-wide programme which seeks to arouse the curious minds of the pupils and get them to think out of the box. The challenge is issued on a semestral basis during assembly where pupils are introduced to some background information as well as the SCAMPER innovation tool, after which pupils have up to 4 weeks to come up with a solution to the challenge (either submission of a prototype / proposal). 

Mural Challenge

Form teachers will introduce local innovations and personalities to their class using the I&E Mural in the school. They will highlight common traits and lead pupils to understand that when it comes to I&E, the journey is just as important as the destination. In addition, semestral challenges such as Word Search, Crossword, Picture Matching etc will be organised for the pupils to encourage them to familiarise themselves with personalities and key messages on the mural.

Financial Literacy

A series of lesson plans and activities spread across various levels are are conducted by form teachers to get pupils to understand the importance of thrift and budgeting. Pupils will also be introduced to common financial terms and basic financial concepts that will help them understand the value of money. In addition, the school also organises interesting carnival games  to teach pupils the right values and attitudes towards money.

Outstanding Entrepreneur / Innovator

The school will introduce outstanding entrepreneurs and innovators to pupils during pre-assembly and share with them about his/her background, aspirations and challenges. Through this, pupils will get a better picture of the journey these exemplars went through and the kind of qualities they must have to overcome challenges.


The school enrols pupils for various I&E competitions so as to provide them with opportunities to put their I&E skills and attitudes to the test. Some of the competitions include:
Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor's Award

Key Fixtures

I&E Mural

The I&E Mural pays tribute to all the enterprising and innovative personalities in Singapore, from early day pioneers such as Sir Stamford Raffles to our modern day mavericks such as Jack Neo. The mural serves as a reminder to our pupils that I&E is abuzz in Singapore and aims to inspire them have that very same I&E spirit within them. It is also used by IEP department teachers to develop lesson plans which form teachers can use to carry out.

I&E Corner

The I&E corner is a showcase of the innovative works and designs of our pupils. In addition, the corner displays innovative quotes and charts which serve to get our pupils' creative juices flowing.