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Towards Passion and Excellence in Mathematics


The Mathematics Department aspires to create excitement and enjoyment in Mathematics lessons. When students find their learning interesting and meaningful, it will encourage them to develop a passion in the learning of the subject. Through effective Mathematics teaching and learning, the department also aims to inculcate the values of resilience and perseverance in our students and in turn, develop a culture of excellence in the subject.




P1 to P6 Curriculum

Math@JPS comes A.L.I.V.E

(Active Learning In Vibrant Environment)

A JPS student should go through learning experiences that provide them with the opportunities to: 
- take notes and organise information meaningfully
- practise basic mathematical skills to achieve mastery
- use feedback from assessment to improve learning
- solve novel problems using a repertoire of heuristics
- discuss, articulate and explain ideas to develop reasoning skills
The pupil should also experience the 3 phases of learning:


Interweaved into the 3 phases of learning is the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach, the key pedagogy that teachers are using..
The concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, consists of 3 stages necessary for pupils to develop understanding of a concept. Reinforcement is achieved by going back and forth between these representations.
Concrete representation - a student is first introduced to an idea or a skill by acting it out with real objects or manipulatves to develop the foundation for conceptual understanding.
Pictorial representation - a student has sufficiently understood the hands-on experiences performed and can now relate them to representations, such as a diagram or picture of  the problem
Abstract representation- a student is now capable of representing problems by using mathematical notation..