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Programme & Initiatives

Description and Rationale



Math Journals for pupils to:

- communicate and promote reflective thinking

- question their own understanding.

It also makes the thinking process to be concrete, serving both the cognitive and affective role. Constructive feedback by teachers is vital. 


Math Trails

Math Trails bring Mathematics learning out of the classroom and provide students with a fun learning experience in the learning of mathematics.

Math Trails also harness on the advantages of ICT to ensure students are actively engaged. 



(Fluency = Accuracy + Speed x Time)


Ensure that students meet the baseline academic requirements for their respective level before progressing to the next stage. This formative assessment involves the use of iPads to assess students in a fun and creative manner



This programme involves mathematical puzzles and focuses on pupils’ reasoning skills such as reasoning skills spatial, deductive, analytical and proportional. This helps to bridge the gap between basic skills and higher-order thinking


Let's Go Math

This programme involved unique hands-on approach to learning Mathematics. It emphasises on the habit of mind and relates to the topics taught in the syllabus. This programme will help students to better visualise, understand and apply Mathematics in a fun way.



ICAN is targeted at improving the confidence and achievement of low progress learners in maths.

The key strategy of this project is to develop a critical mass of teachers in the system equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources to support this group of students.


Primary 4 Let's Go Math - Mathemagics

The Primary 4 students have completed their 2 sessions of Let's Go Math - Mathemagics in Term 1. In the 2 sessions, students got to use magic tricks to learn Mathematics in a fun and engaging way. The magic tricks enable the students to discover and apply the mathematical concepts behind and create curiosity in Mathematics for the students. 

The different magic tricks also provide different opportunities for students to engage in mathematical reasoning as they investigate the mathematical concepts behind the tricks. The students also got to think win-win to achieve 

the common aim of solving the tricks and synergise by valuing their peers' strengths and opinions.


YouM.A.T.H! @JPS - You Make Amazing Things Happen!

In 2017, the Mathematics Department initiated YouM.A.T.H! @JPS - You Make Amazing Things Happen! This movement aims to inculcate a love for Mathematics in the students and develop a culture of curiosity and discovery in the subject. It is designed with the end in mind that every student in JPS is able to learn Mathematics. All Mathematics teachers in JPS believe that students can progress in the subject at their own pace and experience the wonders Mathematics can bring to their daily lives.