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Mother Tongue


JPS, a place where everyone loves their MT Languages and appreciates cultures.


To develop proficient language users through the 3 broad areas of :
    1. Communication – Proficiency and ability to communicate in MTL gives our students a competitive edge. 
    2. Culture - Learning MTL enables our students to understand and develop their unique identity through a deeper appreciation of culture, traditions, literature and history. 
    3. Connection - Proficiency in MTL enables our students to connect with communities across Asia and the people who speak that language or share that culture.




P1 to P6 Curriculum

    • Students have various starting points in their language learning. Teaching methods will take into account the different home language backgrounds and language learning abilities of students, especially in the foundation years. 
    • Teachers make use of appropriate teaching strategies to cater to different learner profiles. These include motivational strategies to build a positive affirmative learning environment. 
    • Teachers enhance their use of a variety of classroom strategies, such as greater use of group work to encourage interaction, and the use of songs, rhymes and drama to strengthen oracy and make learning more engaging.