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Mother Tongue Language Month

Mother Tongue Language Month is organised annually to immerse students in an environment that encourages them to learn and use the language. A variety of activities, planned for each level, are carried out throughout the year. Each activity is designed with the target audience in minds. Each MTL designs their own creative and fun activities for the students.

Mother Tongue  Language Camp & Fortnight

MTL Fortnight aims to create an environment that encourages our students to love their Mother Tongue Language and appreciate the heritage and culture associated with the language. These MTL Fortnight activities enable students to learn and use MTL in fun and exciting ways.  In addition, the MTL department also organises P3 Mother Tongue Language Camp annually.  The camp aims to arouse the students' interest in the learning of their mother tongue language and bring across the message that language learning is fun and interesting.


The MTL department has embarked on a series of workshops for our MTL students to improve our students’ MTL skills. 
P3 : Reading for Understanding 
P4 : Using Drama to improve communicative skills
P5 : Creative Writing

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MTL Department Activities

The MTL department also carries out different activities within the 3 different languages.






· Chinese New Year

· Mid-Autumn Festival (in collaboration with Jurong Green CC)

· Hari Raya Puasa

· Deepavali

Supplementary Resources

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Chinese New Year Celebration

Jurong Primary School held a celebration of Chinese New Year on 27 Jan 2017. Students from all levels celebrated together 

at the school hall. Through this celebration, we shared with all our students, the traditions and cultural practices of the Chinese.

During the celebration, students enjoyed watching the programs such as Chinese musical instruments ensemble, Chinese dance, Chinese calligraphy presented by teachers and students from different ethnic groups, Skit on Chinese custom, Interaction Time on Chinese New Year celebration in different countries, Fashion Parade presented by students, parents, teachers 

and School Leaders, Lion dance and singing. Students also participated in the mass dance together with the performers on the stage. They also have chances to win prizes during our Quiz time.

A series of post event activities were held during recess to teach students from all levels to write chun lian (Chinese 

characters written in calligraphy). The responses from the students were overwhelming.