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Jurong Primary School, in partnership with the Ministry of Social and Family (MSF) formerly known as Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports (MCYS) and Fei Yue Community Services (FYCS) launched the Family Matters @ School Programme (formerly known as School-Family Education) in 2010.
Research shows that parent-child relationship has a very strong impact on a child’s performance, academic achievement, behaviour and attitude in school. This is true regardless of race, ethnicity, family’s income level or status and parents’ educational level. A child’s very first and teacher is his parents, and the parents’ influence on the child continues for the rest of his life.
Family Matters @ School provides seminars and workshops to equip parents with effective parenting skills - eventually training them to be parent facilitators, trainings for school staff to enhance their family life, and life skills and character building training for students. The Family Matters @ School RESOURCE AREA also makes family resources such as parenting and family life books, bonding activity board games, etc. accessible to the parents, students and staff.
With Family Matters @ Schools, parents are informed, equipped and empowered to build stronger families and children are brought up with positive values and mind-set towards life, marriage and family.
Find out more about our upcoming programmes below! For any queries feel free to email to Mrs. Catherine Banton (Family Matters @ School Coordinator) at sfe_jps@yahoo.com


Parenting Talks

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