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Principal's Message

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We closed 2018 with our Speech and Prize-Giving Day, and the theme was Learn for Life.  

At JPS, we nurture our students and prepare them to excel in life beyond exam grades and beyond obtaining paper qualification.  We encourage the shift of mind-set of students and parents, from aiming for an A-star in exams, to growing into a life-star – for success in life.  

We have had an eventful, enriching and rewarding 2018.  Our students have experienced and enjoyed a comprehensive and vibrant range of programmes and activities to help our students to learn, and to learn with joy, in the classroom, out of class and out of school. Our students collaborated and competed with, and complemented one another.  They had fun while learning at camps, competitions, celebrations and learning journeys.  They danced at our JPS-patented Groovy Tuesday and JPS Showtime.  They developed a strong sense of multiculturalism and the Singapore spirit as we commemorated festivals and national events.

And we celebrated the students’ learning and successes with timely rewards, prizes, medals, trophies and certificates, and provided requisite opportunities for the students to showcase their works, including seven CCAs participating at the Singapore Youth Festival judging.

Our P6 boys and girls concluded their six-year education journey at JPS at a special Graduation Prom Night, and we sent them forth into their secondary-school chapter, spurring them to ‘Reach for the Stars’. 

I wish all staff, students and their families a good well-deserved rest.  We will return in January re-charged and ready to contribute to this vibrant community of gracious citizens and passionate learners.

Mr Robin Ong