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Every Child is A Leader (ECAL)

As part of holistic education, the school has nurtured strong values and leadership competencies through the Every Child A Leader @ JPS (ECAL@JPS) programme since 2015. ECAL@JPS  is anchored upon  ‘ The Leader in Me’ (TLIM) framework  based on Stephen Covey’s 7Habits of Highly Effective People and the school’s 3 tier student leadership framework of Lead Self, Lead Peers and Lead Team. Aligned to the school’s vision of ‘A Vibrant Community of Gracious Citizens and Passionate Learners’ and the school values of Care, Integrity, Respect, Passion, and Responsibility as the foundation, students are given opportunities to practise TLIM in character development platforms such as Values In Action (VIA), Programme for Active Learning (PAL), Student Leadership Development Programmes, Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) and CCAs. TLIM ensures that every student and staff in JPS is given the opportunity to be vibrant leaders who are gracious and passionate in leading themselves as well as their peers. It is also closely aligned to the school’s Strategic Thrust 2 – Leaders Anchored on Values. Through TLIM, the school hopes to create a culture of student and staff empowerment based on the notion that every teacher and student can be a passionate and gracious leader. ECAL@JPS seeks to achieve the following desired student outcomes:

  • Self-confident individuals who seek continued self-improvement.
  • Effective communicators and team players.
  • Leaders who serve the community and are future ready.