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Every student an inquirer


The vision of the science curriculum is to nurture every student to become an inquirer. We want to fuel the natural curiosity in each student so that they can be passionate learners who enjoy science and value science as an important tool in helping them explore their natural and physical world.


P1 to P6 Curriculum

Pedagogical Approaches for Science in JPS

Visible Thinking

Visible thinking involves using several strategies to develop pupils’ thought processes and encourage active processing of scientific information and concepts. It helps to integrate students’ thinking with content learning.
This includes strategies such as:
    • Mindmapping
    • Science journaling
    • PLAN (for P5 and P6)
    • Annotation/Note-taking


The teacher creates a learning environment that will encourage and challenge students to develop their sense of inquiry, which is curiosity and interest to explore the things around them. In JPS, we are using the 5E model learning cycle to achieve our objectives.  Conceptual Flow Diagrams (CFDs) are used as part of the 5E approach.

This includes activities and programmes such as:
    • Experiments
    • Inquiry activities
    • Projects
    • Performance Tasks
    • Science Trails
    • Science enrichment programmes