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PACE@JPS Involvement in School

Our Involvement in School

Chinese New Year CelebrationJPS Sports Day

PALS provide logistical assistance and help in setting up the venue for the event.


JPS Upper Primary Sports Day

PALS provide logistical assistance and help in setting up the venue for the event.


Health Fair

Healthy dishes are not necessarily yucky!  PALS might be required to demonstrate ways to cook healthier Malay / Chinese / Indian food.  The food will then be sampled by our selected students and their parents.  





International Friendship DayIFD

A day dedicated to the understanding of Singapore’s relations with neighbouring countries and beyond.  PALS helped out with making bite size sushi and kimchee for students to sample during recess. 


P5 Camp

PALS assistance in all ways are much appreciated in this P5 camp.  They have had helped in arts and craft, preparation of food, camp fire and many more. 


 Kinder Day

To help with souvenirs to be given out to the Kindergartenners. We’ve made bookmarks and design invites…Work can be done from home.




Homeskill lessons


Calling all budding cooks!!! If you love to cook, this is a wonderful opportunity to share your passion for cooking with the students.  Sandwich, sushi balls, Milo, cake, fried rice.. you name it, you’ll do it!!! 1 PALS needed for each class, per level. Duration – 1 hour per session



P1 Registration Day

This 3 day event requires PALS to help photocopy IDs, check distances and documents before handling it over to the Admin personnel in the Office. By helping out, we are not taking away precious curriculum time of our students and their teachers. 




Racial Harmony DayInternational Friendship Day

This is a one week long event not to be missed.  Carts were decorated according to each Ethnic group. Ketupats were weaved during recess.  Cultures were exchanged.  Traditions better understood.  All courtesy of the teachers and PALS. PALS also had the honour to make delicious egg dishes – Thosai, Pulut Kuning & Red Eggs, Garlic Bread, Roti Sardine and Chicken Curry.  Food were prepared in the homeskills room and later cut and served to the ever hungry students during recess.  Yes, its chaotic, its madness, but above all its FUN. 







Children’s Day Children's Day

Children’s Day has been PALS pet project.  We helped to set up mini booth games for the students to play @ the walkway during recess and gave them small tokens for their participations.  Normally, the tokens were compliments from PALS.  


National Day Celebration

A nation celebrates.  PALS might be called upon to help out with games / carnival / concert for the students.


Teachers’ Day Celebration

PALS are cordially invited to contribute an item for Teachers Day concert. If you’ve always love to dance, or sing, or are able to play a musical instrument, it’s your time to shine.  Start your practice now… and show your talent…



Family cum Grandparents Day Family Day

A day to foster love and respect to the elderly and to the family .  Grandparents are invited to JPS for a concert and to showcase our P3 Young Entrepreneur Programme.  PALS help to man game stalls and lead children to play interesting games.



P6 Post Exam Schedule

HELP IS ALWAYS NEEDED HERE!!! If you’re a tailor at heart and are able to conduct lessons on sewing, pls feel free to volunteer your service as our appointed PALS seamstress. Or if you’re better than Jaime Oliver, then you’re the one JPS needs to brave the heat in the homeskills room to demonstrate the making of fried rice.



Visitation Day

It’s that special time for the many ex-students to pay a special tribute to their teachers at JPS.  PALS are required to ensure that their get together are within the required guidelines set by the school.  PALS are needed to screen the ex-students prior to them entering the school compound.  PALS are to ensure that students are properly attired in their school uniforms and students are not to roam around the school compound unnecessarily.  


Mid Autumn FestivalRoad Crossing Duty

Mooncake making demonstration, helping out with games and concert, serving mooncakes and ending it all with a lantern procession, that was what PALS did last year.  Held from 7.30 to 9 pm, it’s an event that attracted close to 200 students and their parents.  



JPS Speech Day

JPS recognizes the contribution, the sweat and the commitment that PALS have unconditionally provided.  We do receive our Certificate of Appreciation from the Principal on that very day.



Administrative and Operation Roles

  • Road-Crossing Duty
  • Issuing of Meal Coupons
  • Recess Duty
  • Buddy Reading