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What is PACE@JPS


What is PACE@JPS

What is PACE@JPS?

Who are we?

PACE@JPS stands for Parents Assisting in Children's Education @ Jurong Primary School (JPS).  We are the Parent Support Group of JPS.

Our History

The Parents Support Group was formed in 2006 when Jurong Primary School and Boon Lay Primary merged.  We were then called PALS which stands for Parents Assisting Learning in School.  After a review this year, we have decided to adopt the new name PACE as there is a programme called PAL (Programme for Active Learning) and we did not want to cause a confusion.

What do we do?

At PACE@JPS, we believe strongly that learning for our children should be a wonderful and enriching experience in school.  As parents and partners-in-education, we can help to facilitate the holistic development of our children, through close collaboration between home and school. 

We hold monthly meetings to discuss upcoming school events and activities and how we can support the school’s programmes.  Exciting ideas are generated.  During such meetings, we also have the blessings of the School Leaders who attend our meetings and gave their valuable inputs too.  They also shared with us exciting developments in the school.

The International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and Children's Day Celebrations are examples of some events we have helped to organise.  We are also involved in chaperoning students during the Learning Journeys which are field trips to various interesting places.


Besides helping out in school, we also have bonding activities for our members to help us build a strong network among ourselves to create a support base for all of us.  We also organise activities such as Family Get-Together to help build familial ties and build relationships with our own children. 

When our children see us taking an interest and even participating in their learning, they will be encouraged too.  Join us to go on this learning journey with your child!